Douglas Cardwell Percussion Studio Instruments


The Douglas Cardwell Percussion Studio has one of the largest collection of instruments of any private studio in the state and throughout the Southwest region. We provide these high quality instruments so our students may learn and develop their craft on the best sounds possible.

Many of the studio instruments listed below are available for rental. Please contact us at [email protected] for pricing.


Adams Philharmonic Dresden Classic Timpani
20" Timpano (PHDCW20L)
23" Timpano (PHDCW23L)
26" Timpano (PHDCW26L)
29" Timpano (PHDCW29L)
32" Timpano (PHDCW32L)

20" Timpano (ADAMS-P2FI20)
23" Timpano (#4123)
26" Timpano (#4126)
29" Timpano (#4129)
32" Timpano (#4132)

Keyboard Percussion Instruments
Marimba (4.3 Octave: Musser #M-250)
Xylophone (Deagan #870)
Xylophone (Adams #AXLD35) Academy Light Rosewood
Vibraphone w/motor (Adams #VSWV31)
Glockenspiel (Deagan)

Snare Drums
Pearl Philharmonic Snare Drum 6 1/2" X 14”
Hinger Touch Tone 6 1/2" X 14"
Tama (piccolo) Amber Finish 3 1/2" X 13"
Noble & Cooley 5" X 14"
Yamaha, Maple Custom (piccolo) 4 1/2" X 14"
DW PDP Snare Drum 5 1/2" X 14"

Field Drums
Slingerland 10" X 14"
Slingerland 12" X 15"
Ludwig (Challenger) 12" X 14"
Premier (Tenor drum) 12" X 14"

Concert Toms (Pearl-PCT0234) w/stands
Remo Roto Toms (RZER000803) w/stand

Bass Drums
Ludwig 16" X 36"

Orchestral Cymbals
Zildjian K (Orchestral) 20" pair
Zildjian Old K (Orchestral) 18" pair
Sabian HH (Viennese/Orch) 16" pair
Sabian HH (Viennese/Orch) 19" pair

Orchestral Suspended Cymbals
Sabian HH (Medium Thin Crash) 18"
Sabian HH (Orchestral Susp.) 16"
Zildjian K (Dark Crash-Med Thin) 17"
Zildjian Old K (Orchestral Susp.)15"
Zildjian Old K (Orchestral Splash) 11"

Drumset Items
Pearl (Session Custom) Series) SMX #290
Tom Tom 10" X 10"
Tom Tom 10" X 12"
Floor Tom 14" X 14"
Bass Drum 16" X 20"
Floor Tom 16” X 16”
Floor Tom converter (v616)

Pearl (Export PEA EXL 705 #249)
Tom Tom 8" X 8" (PEA-0808T-249 EXL)
Tom Tom 8" X 10" (PEA-0810T-249 EXL)
Tom Tom 9" X 12" (PEA-0812T-249 EXL)
Floor Tom 14" X 14" (PEA-1414F-249 EXL)
Bass Drum 16" X 20" (PEA-1620B-249 EXL)

Pearl (Export Select Series)
Tom Tom 8" X 8" (PEA-0808T-271 ELX)
Tom Tom 8" X 10" (PEA-0810T-271 ELX)
Tom Tom 9" X 12" (PEA-0812T-271 ELX)
Floor Tom 14" X 14" (PEA-1414F-271 ELX)
Bass Drum 16" X 20" (PEA-1620B-271 ELX)

Sonor (Martini Kit) SSE13MART
Tom Tom 7" X 8"
Floor Tom 13" X 13"
Bass Drum 14" X 14"

Bass Drum Pedals
DW 9000 Series Single Pedal
DW 5000 Accelerator Single Pedal
DW 7000 Accelerator Double Pedal
DW 4000 Single Pedal
Tama Camco Chain Drive Pedal (HP35)
Yamaha Belt Drive Bass Drum Pedal (FP-8500)

Drumset Cymbals
Zildjian K Custom Hybrid (Ride) 21"
Zildjian Old K (Ride) 20"
Zildjian K (Custom Dark Crash) 18"
Wuhan (Crash/China) 16"
Istanbul (Dark Crash) 16"
Istanbul (Thin Crash) 16"
UFIP (Splash) 10"
Bosphorus (Hi Hat) pr. 13"
Zildjian K/Z (Hi Hat) pr. 13"
Istanbul (Mel Lewis, Hi Hat) 14"
Zildjian Newbeat (Hi Hat) pr. 13"

UFIP (Natural Series-Ride) 20"
Istanbul (Mel Lewis-Crash/Ride) 19"
Zildjian K (Dark Crash-Thin) 17"
Istanbul (Vezir-Crash/Ride) 17"
Istanbul (Vezir-Crash) 16"
Sabian HH (Splash) 12"
Paiste (Signature-Thin Splash) 8"
Paiste (Sound Formula-Splash) 6"
Ice Bell (LP403) 8"

Paiste (Signature-Dry Crisp Ride) 20"
Paiste (Formula 602-Med. Flat Ride) 22"
Rancan (by LP-China) 21"

Latin Percussion
Timbales (LP/Tito Puente Timbales) LP256-B

World Percussion
Djembe (Remo-Paulo Mattioli Series) w/strap 27"X16"
Djembe (Gambia) 25"X14"
Dumbek (World Beat) 8" (ceramic)
Nickel Dumbek (World Beat-WB231) 10"
Log Drum (Slit Drum 4 tongues)
Kalimba (Double tiered/gourd sound chamber)

Percussion Accessories
Tambourine (Black Swamp-Beryllium Copper) 10"
Tambourine (Grover-Beryllium Copper) 10"
Tambourine (Grover-Beryllium Copper) 10"
Tambourine (Hinger-Single Row) 10"
Tambourine (CP) 10"
Tambourine (Grover) 6"
Tambourine (Grover-headless) 8"
World Beat Tambourine (mountable)
Cyclops Tambourine (LP)
Triangle (Black Swamp) 6"
Triangle (Grover) 6"
Triangle (Grover) 9"
Triangle (Able) 6"
Triangle (Grover) 9"
Triangle (Able) 4"
Triangle Beaters, set of 5pr (Stoessel)
Triangle Beaters, set of 5pr. w/case (Grover)

Castanets (Black Swamp-PCC-1, Small)
Castanets (Black Swamp-PCC-2, Large)
Castanet Machine (Black Swamp)
Castanets (Frank Epstien)
Rock Shaker (LP462)
Wood Block by Blocks 7" (Hardwood)
Wood Block by Blocks 8.75" (Mahogany)
Wood Block by Blocks 10.2” (Mahogany)
Granite Blocks (5) w/mount (LP1210)
Jam Block (LP1205-High Pitch/blue)
Jam Block (LP1207-Low Pitch/red)
Granite Block (LP)
Cowbell (LP007-Rock)
Cowbell (Herdenglocken) 2.0"
Cowbell (Herdenglocken) 2.5"
Cowbell (Herdenglocken) 3.0"
Cowbell (Herdenglocken) 3.5"
Cowbell (Herdenglocken) 4.0"
Cowbell (Herdenglocken) 4.5"
Alpine Herd Cowbell 6.0"
Rute (Vic Firth-Small)
Rute (Large)
Dreadlocks (Vic Firth)
Brushes, Regal Tip-by Calato (3 pr.)

Buffalo Drum (Remo) 14"
Frame Drum (Remo) 14"
Agogo Bell - Standard (LP231A)
Sleigh Bells (CP)
Wind Chimes, Double Row (LP513)
Large Afuche/Cabasas (LP234B)
Ocean Drum (Remo) 12"
Shekere (LP590)
Guiro - Super (LP243)
Macho Maracas (LP394)
Fiber Maracas (LP389)
Professional Maracas (LP281)
Claves-African-Rosewood (LP212R) [2pr]
Claves-Traditional-Rosewood (LP262R) [2pr]
Vibraslap II - Standard (LP208)
Flexatone - Standard (LP1-5)
Slap Stick (Regular)
Ratchet (CP)
Rock Shaker (LP462)
Caxixi - Large (LP354B) [2]
Wind Whistle (LP) [2]
Finger Cymbals (Zildjian, Thick)pr
Tibet Cymbals (2pr)
Ankle Bells (WB152)pr
British Police Whistle
Siren Whistle
Slide Whistle




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